Event: Transpoesie / Poetry Festival

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Citizens' Garden Europarliament - Brussels

Vautierstraat 62
1050 Brussel

The poetry festival kicks off on 23 September with a public reading event at the Citizens’ Garden of the European Parliament.
Four poets will read from their work in their mother tongue and discuss about the future of living.
The programme was based on poets focusing as well on sound and poetry in their works.
We will have on stage:
1. Nina Dragičević from Slovenia
2. Pelumi Adejumo from The Netherlands
3. Elsa Tölli from Finland
4. Sara Herrera Peralta from Spain

Carmien Michels will moderate the event, will present the authors and will engage with them in a short discussion.
The poets will read for about 10 minutes in their respective languages and the audience can follow the translation on mobile devices.

Meer info: Transpoesie- Poetry festival 2021